Games Workshop Blood Bowl: Amazon Team

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Games Workshop Blood Bowl: Amazon Team

Games Workshop Blood Bowl: Amazon Team

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It provides some much-needed Strength and Armour to the team and I’m so happy to see a player start with Defensive which was one of my favourite additions even if it’s not the most competitive skill to pick. Fend offers some more protection and beyond that you run out of useful normal choices so Tackle is what I would probably select. A good amount of the players are standing on just a few toes, and there are no slots in the bases like traditional blood bowl bases. So I was tremendously excited to hear that GW were going to do a proper rework of the team for this edition (and this is really not something I want to see for many teams in this game). Although all your players have the ability to dodge, that doesn’t mean that it is better to do as much dodging as possible, with AG3 you will soon realise that there may be better ways forward with this team.

Alternatively, you could combine the approaches, here: the first Jaguar Warrior to get a second skill-up gets Guard , and the second gets Mighty Blow (+1) . The only skill in there you don’t want is Shadowing , and any of the rest of them will have utility or be downright good. You’re once again going to have to lean on Leader to get you that third re-roll, but all the pieces for a successful team are right there. Then on the other, you have the weakest player in Blood Bowl, with a measly strength 1 and pitiful AV6+ that.As far as Eagle Warrior Linewomen go, I would suggest taking a random General skill whenever any of them ever get to 3 SPP. This Star does combo very nicely with the new Blocker positionals, as Glotl can blitz a cage, stay sat there with his STR 6 and Stand Firm , while your Blockers flood into the gap to be more of a nuisance. This build gets everyone and a nice three rerolls for 990k, giving you 10k to put towards an apothecary, or you can grab some dedicated fans.

If you compare the Jaguar Warrior to a Big Un Blocker from the Orc team who comes in at 90k gp, the Jaguar Warrior gets 1 more MA, AG, and Dodge for only 20k gp more.

The entire team was a change of pace from the usual booger-covered demon zombie that I tend to paint – but Boa was even more vibrant.

I was hoping this element would be improved in the new team, perhaps by giving them new gimmicks that aren’t just Dodge on everything, but I can’t say I quite got my wish. I started from a zenithal highlight and used Kroxigor Scales for the Armor, Wyldwood highlighted with Baneblade brown for straps, Scale Necro Gold, and the new Soulblight Grey wash to cheat some definition out of the tunics. Glotl can't pass, but with a 6 Strength and the 'Mighty Blow (+1) ability it will absolutely shred the competition.They’re not going to turn heads with their offensive capabilities, but they’ll always be right where you need them thanks to their inbuilt Dodge skill. I feel like this is a good and expensive positional that might not end up doing what GW wants it to but will be a must-take and a very powerful tool for ‘Zon coaches regardless.

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