Renegade Game Studios Renegade Game Studio | Architects of the West Kingdom | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 1 to 5 Players | 60 to 80 Minutes Playing Time

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Renegade Game Studios Renegade Game Studio | Architects of the West Kingdom | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 1 to 5 Players | 60 to 80 Minutes Playing Time

Renegade Game Studios Renegade Game Studio | Architects of the West Kingdom | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 1 to 5 Players | 60 to 80 Minutes Playing Time

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This deluxe Collector's Box is designed to fit Architects of the West Kingdom, Works of Wonder, and all additional content, such as promos, metal coins, and sleeved cards.

From games to books, anything that could show me a shinier and more exciting world has always fascinated me. The rules are complicated, but the actual gameplay is pretty simple: Just put down one piece and do whatever the location says. The game features the same fantastic art from The Mico and another twist on the worker placement genre. The cat and mouse this single meeple adds to the game greatly increased my enjoyment of Architects of the West Kingdom. It’s easy, in all the glorious gluttony, to lose sight of the fact that the benefit may not actually align with the cards you have in hand.You need specific workers to build your helpful buildings, but are there more important than other options? I do think the game is best at a higher player count, 3 or 4, really, but the solo mode is fantastic and if you want, you can use it to simulate a really mean 3rd player in a two-player game.

The game will end in the same way as it does in a two-player game, when twelve workers have been placed at the Guildhall.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone actually run out; but I have seen players collect up their own meeples from the board OR pay the hefty cost to retrieve their workers from other player’s boards. Architects is actually a perfect example of a sort of cultural shift that’s happened in board gaming over the last few years. The ability to capture workers adds depth to the game as does the Virtue balancing act (both for VP at the end of the game as well as the ability to do certain actions in-game).

A worker sent to build allows the player to work either on the Cathedral or build one of their own building plans, giving them either an instantaneous effect or another way to score points or virtue at game’s end, as well as an amount of VP for building it. That by itself is a fascinating mechanism that effectively decouples your instincts from your best interests. The cards and game board are awash with a richness of theme, and the custom-shaped meeples and point trackers only add to the experience. There’s no faffing about, and the two different opponents – Constantine and Helena – give you two different difficulty levels to play against. Your owner is approaching and they haven’t yet noticed what you’re doing so you’d best speed up before they reach you.You see, every so often, you’ll be asked to add a “Future Scheme” card to the deck, and these are much more powerful actions for your fictious opponent. How many times do you need to visit the same resource location before you have enough or someone might capture your workers? If any of these coins are red on the board, those are tax, and those coins are placed in the Tax Stand. For context I already own some garphill games (Viscounts, paladins, raiders of scythia and hadrian's wall) and absolutely love all of them, all firmly in my top solo games! The tax stall, which gets populated with a portion of all the money spent in the game, works like the way everyone misremembers free parking working in Monopoly.

and it also reduces the loss of virtue you’d normally suffer for some of the less savoury actions on the board. This leaves you with a choice: rise above such petty competition and remain virtuous, or resort to thievery and hit the black market like it’s the Next Boxing Day sale. This unusual blend of mechanics makes it an ideal gateway into worker placement Eurogames, or a great game in its own right when you’re not looking for something too heavy or lengthy. That might mean your third worker in the Quarry nets you three pieces of stone, instead of one if it was your first worker placed there. The Cathedral will be a big draw for most people with the promise of points written on the board, but those who invest in building cards will find rewards in points too.There is a clear sharing of concept between the way Apprentices in Architects and how Crew in Raiders of the North Sea work, allowing for the same team-building mechanics that made Raiders such a hit. The complaint, which usually rings true with a lot of Euro games, is that they’re mostly multiplayer solitaire.

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