The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

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The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

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He objects, not without justification, to the demonising of Churchill as an irredeemable racist when the same man defeated Hitler.

Conservatism rails against victimhood culture and yet believes it’s beset by enemies on all sides even when it’s the ruling ideology. And, according to the "equity toolkit" published by the department, which made this claim, it is white babies that are the problem.If enough are convinced that Western history is nothing more than a catalogue of moral outrages and that Western societies remain irredeemably oppressive, tyrannical, bigoted, and all the rest of it, then what sense is there in preserving such a system? Some of this is a much-needed reckoning; however, some is part of a larger international attack on reason, democracy, science, progress and the citizens of the West by dishonest scholars, hatemongers, hostile nations and human-rights abusers hoping to distract from their ongoing villainy. In 2021, Oliver Dowden, then secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport, “summoned” the heads of Britain’s largest heritage bodies for a telling off over their attitude to history. And, finally, there is also the insistence that none of the answers Western societies have come up with to address racism are remotely adequate or capable of dealing with the task at hand.

Not only are these subjects spoken about but Murray gives specific examples that demonstrate his claims.He says that the riots in Portland in 2020 had become normalised, which absolutely no one thinks, before walking it back later and admitting it’s an extreme example but it illustrates his point (which he then expands upon by citing silly incidents on TV shows). It does seem a peculiar trait of patriotic conservatives to be indignant in the face of resentful former colonial subjects. Indeed, he even compares Churchill to a religious figure, a moral figurehead for our age, rather than a two-time Prime Minister who accomplished something pretty big the first time, had an undoubtedly illustrious career but may have committed both good and bad across his many years.

It should be obvious that the “anti-Western revisionists” to whom Murray refers represent a loose coalition of left-wing ideologues convinced that Western culture is irreparably corrupt, its institutions polluted at a fundamental level by various forms of prejudice concerning race, gender, and sexual orientation. I don’t remember everything I studied in history at school, but from GCSE age onwards I know that subjects we covered included bog bodies, the 1960s, the American West, the history of medicine, the Russian revolution, the Crimean War, the French Revolution, and Nazi Germany.It is, after all, possible to shoot someone without knowing they’re armed, or without them drawing the weapon; context is key. I liked several of his refutations, particularly surrounding Nicholas Ferrar and anti-Cecil Rhodes activists. One of the tweeters being a maths teacher, Murray warns of the risk that mathematical standards in education “will be lowered or expunged altogether” as a result of such ideas and reminds the reader of the obvious parallels to be found in “George Orwell’s most famous book. If The Strange Death of Europe reads like a requiem for a stricken continent, War on the West is intended to be an act of defiance. Through astonishing interviews with powerful insiders, Blood and Oil tells how MBS's cabal played the Saudi economy and capitalised on the omnipotence of feudal power while effectively stamping out dissent, before allegations of his extreme brutality and excess began to slip out.

Especially when he uses it to bolster his more substantial point: that Americans had been primed to view the killing of George Floyd as representative of a wider injustice rather than as a one-off racist killing.Having decided that the world is starting to see through the horrors of Critical Race Theory, he brings up an interview with Christopher Rufo, an anti-CRT activist, who was asked what made him proud to be white. Displaying contextualising information to this effect, which the Tate did, is a perfectly adequate response.

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