GoPro Camera Accessory Surf Hero Mount 3661039

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GoPro Camera Accessory Surf Hero Mount 3661039

GoPro Camera Accessory Surf Hero Mount 3661039

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The best place to mount your GoPro is at the front, facing you, although a mouth-mount is also good. This should be 4-8 inches from the nose of your surfboard for the best angle of you surfing. First, let’s take a look at 13 GoPro surfing tips that will help you get the best footage out of your GoPro.

It also features 8X slo-mo at 2.7K resolution– so you can savor the moment as the wave curls and you enter the tube. There are some really good GoPro tail mounts being used, but there aren’t any currently available to buy.When you’re riding the wave shooting toward the beach, rather than holding your arm stretched out in front of you, bring the camera in and press it against your chin. 10. Use a waterproof housing For example, a video captured in the standard GoPro color will be less flexible in editing than footage captured in Protune “Camera Raw” or “Protune Flat”.

Final step is to tighten it all up using your standard GoPro thumbscrew (Image 16) and you’re done! As a result, you will get perfectly in frame photos and videos as seen below 🙂 My Recommended GoPro Camera / Model It is also difficult to see whether your GoPro is turned on for a particular ride, although for some models you will be able to see the light flashing and there is always the sound.

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You’ll get incredible footage riding the waves if you ask a friend to film you. Ask him/her to join you, but to sit out a few waves and film you, then return the favor. Unfortunately, the only tail mount I can find online is a link to make one yourself on Instructables.

The GoPro Surf mount allows you to easily mount your GoPro camera onto a surfboard, kayak or even a stand up paddleboard! This great mount kit from GoPro also includes tethers and adhesive anchor points to really secure your GoPro. GoPro Surf Mount – ASURF-001 For example, shoot one ride with the widest option (170 degrees) and you’ll get an expansive FOV including the water, other surfers, and the beach. Then for your next ride try the narrow option focused on the nose of your surfboard. It’ll keep your hands free, and help you capture some great angles. It’s as close as you can get to showing friends what things look like from your viewpoint. If a surfboard mount lets your viewers see how your board sees the waves, then a mouth mount shows them your point of view. Now, choosing the right angle for your surfboard mount can be tough. It’s a given that you choose the wide-angle setting with the aspect ratio of 16:9; however, the positioning of your camera is more crucial than the setting that you’ll be working on.Now you’re ready to tether your GoPro, I’m going to take you through two methods (again, it might be easier to watch the video above for this next bit). OK, so those are some of the key points, now it’s time to explain them and look at each in a bit more detail – let’s go! GoPro Surfboard Mount Positioning

Having a GoPro mounted on the rear of your surfboard might sound like a good idea but, in practice, it’s actually much harder than it sounds. Because of our personal need to memorialize these kinds of stuff, GoPro became a popular piece of equipment in the surfing industry. This device can often be seen attached to a surfboard or to the different parts of the body where it can capture the best angles.

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Surfers can be an egoistic bunch. We like to watch and relive our best performances. We also like to boast about the biggest waves we’ve ever ridden to other surfers — and what better evidence is there other than a video you’ve captured yourself? Can be a pain to paddle with but you don’t have to worry about it too much when you’re out in the waves. Want to improve your surfing footage? Take a few minutes to review these tips before you head out on your next GoPro surfing adventure. Quality-wise, mouth mounts create way better videos than surfboard mounts; however, they also come with a couple of disadvantages. In the image below, you can have a look at how GoPro is attached to the surfboard facing the man surfing through the waves. There are many more ways to mount your GoPro for capturing awesome surfing videos, like by using a wrist strap or a head strap.

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