The Jack Widow Series: Books 1-3 (The Jack Widow Series Collection Book 1)

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The Jack Widow Series: Books 1-3 (The Jack Widow Series Collection Book 1)

The Jack Widow Series: Books 1-3 (The Jack Widow Series Collection Book 1)

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Towards the middle to end of this one makes me feel like the Incredible Hulk I used to watch on TV where at the end of every episode he would tell everyone thanks but no thanks and then head out of town which is exactly what our hero does. On arrival he upsets the local cops (obviously) and the local gang of nutcases (obviously) and of course starts a relationship with a lady doctor at a local clinic. And then the bad guys roll in to clean up their mess and the body count rises. This book was by far the tensest of the four, even though it may not have dealt with the biggest consequences, it does deal with a subject that is on most people's minds. Domestic terrorism. It confronts some of the issues in today's world where everyone seems in such a hurry to label and draw conclusions, long before the facts are in. Minutes after meeting her, the unthinkable happens. Claire drops dead—natural causes. Right there in front of Widow.

Before long our hero is taken in to be interrogated, let go, asked to help, escorted out of town, tried to be beaten up, before giving in to helping the MPs with this case.

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I think if Widow could have watched this from the sidelines like we readers do, he'd shake his head and say, "never let facts get in the way of a good story" but he doesn't have that luxury. That's the way I did it and just like Netflix, it's so satisfying to be able to binge on a series knowing that there's another one, except in this case it's the last one, for now. At times, Widow almost seems human in this book. He struggles with things that used to be second nature for him and even needs to enlist an old friend for assistance. Widow also steps things up and really gets his hands dirty in this one. What he discovers is a mystery of missing girls and townspeople harboring a deadly secret—a secret they’ll die to protect.

It would have been nicer if he could have had some more individualist traits, maybe drove from place to place, had a few clothes to change fresh, even a shaving kit and a few different characteristics, but for all that they are an enjoyable read if you like action adventure type stories and are happy to give the hero the writers licence needed to allow him to get into and out of different scrapes and finding seemingly only drop dead gorgeous women whilst doing it A violent snowstorm fast approaches, leaving Shepard’s secret mission in peril. There is no time left, and lives are on the line. Turns out that James Turik, the Marine from the diner, went directly from the diner to the base and shot and killed five Marines before turning the gun on himself. Oh boy. And seeing as Widows was the last person to talk with him before this all went down, the military police want answers. Widow is handcuffed, and taken to the base for further questioning. Gone Forever: The Navy SEALs trained him. A secret unit of the NCIS recruited him. Enemies fear him. Taken to be a worthless drifter by the locals, Widow uses his skills to uncover the truth about his mother's last investigation. What was she looking for?

Some local townspeople want to blame Muslims. The politicians want to blame guns. The outside media only care about the headlines.

In a year with tensions high regarding Muslim extremists, gun control, and police culture, the cops think that it's obvious that Marine Officer James Muhammad Turik was part of an ISIS cell. Her son, James Hood, is mixed up with the wrong people--powerful people. The kind of people who will kill to protect a deadly secret. Terrified for her granddaughter's life, she has no one left to trust. In other ways he is very much Reacher, big, strong, can fight with fists or weapons and apart from the unlikely stupidity of a supposed ex elite forces operative the actions and stories are good and enjoyable Afterward, Widow finishes his coffee and leaves the diner to find a motel bed to sleep on. By the time his head hits the pillow, the military police show up, banging on his door. They've got questions and handcuffs.Did you read all of the above? Did it seem as if I went on and on without actually Saying anything? Or, did it seem as if I’d missed a pertinent point? Or went into too much detail? Yes? Well, brace yourself, there is A LOT of that in this book! Plus, the characters are all from The Deep South - so they speak slowly - I had to adjust the narration speed to 1.2 for it to seem normal for me! (I listened to the audiobook version of this title). After showing Widow a picture of her six-year-old granddaughter, Claire Hood drops dead of natural causes, right at the bus station, right in front of him.

Overall if you know nothing at all about how firearms work and just want to enjoy a thriller with action and you do not mind the hero making astonishingly bad mistakes just so he could be rescued by some unrealistic thing at the very last moment over and over again you will be fine with this book. But go in warned. In the first chapter, specifically, Widow's thoughts on gunshot wounds went on for too long—sum it up in a paragraph, keep it short and sweet so the tension is high. You've got what should be a beginning that starts with a bang, but it ends up fizzling out with needless tangents. It soon becomes apparent that Widow maybe the only one looking at the facts and not the assumptions. Gaining the trust of the people he will need to right this wrong won't be easy. There's a lot of tension and a case like this makes or breaks careers.This is further enhanced by narrator Aden Philip Ormond's excellent interpretation of this lead protagonist. The reading is well paced, not too fast, not too emotionally imbued but just right for the military trained loner rediscovering his past and his understanding of just how much he owed to his mother in the last precious moments they are able to have together. Her death is his new beginning as sets out in search of her killer. With expression and good intonation, Orson's pleasant rough velvety voice also gives individual life to each of the other characters in the book also. Writer and narrator in harmony together.

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