Solid Black Zirconium and Real Muonionalusta Meteorite Wedding Band Engagement Ring 8MM

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Solid Black Zirconium and Real Muonionalusta Meteorite Wedding Band Engagement Ring 8MM

Solid Black Zirconium and Real Muonionalusta Meteorite Wedding Band Engagement Ring 8MM

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We can guarantee that no two Dinosaur bone rings can ever look the same. Every gem bone fossil that we manage to lay our hands on is truly unique and extremely appealing. With varying colour patterns, it is vital to note that certain dinosaur bone wedding bands may vary slightly from the colours displayed above. However, it is these varying colours and patterns that make our Dinosaur gem bone rings the UK's best. The Dinosaur bone meteorite ring wedding band with gold pin stripes is one of our most popular Dinosaur Bone wedding rings. Another popular style is the Dinosaur bone ring with Meteorite edges. This beautiful ring is handcrafted with meteorite around the edges to keep the Dinosaur bone intact and safe in the centre of the band. Our meteorite rings are made with authentic Gibeon meteorite. Gibeon meteorite was formed by metals in a super heated state and cooled over 4 billion years. This slow cooling caused the molecules in the meteorite to settle into a crystalline structure similar to what is seen in many gemstones. This rare phenomenon does not occur naturally on Earth and is what gives the meteorite its distinct Widmanstätten pattern. Can you resize a meteorite wedding band? To clean a Meteorite wedding band, we recommend that you cover other elements or precious material in the ring such as Dinosaur bone/whisky barrel wood etc. Once this is well covered with waterproof tape, you are ready to clean the meteorite. Now, get hold of the following cleaning supplies:

Meteorite is a piece of a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid that passes through the atmosphere and reaches the surface of a planet or the moon. Experts estimate that meteorite material travels at an estimated speed of seven miles per second. When dust, asteroids, comets, or other particles enter the earth's atmosphere at a high rate speed, the majority disintegrate creating what we see as shooting stars. When the earth plows into the remnants of a comet or asteroid, we have meteor showers. Superheated crystalline structures enter the earth's atmosphere and land in particular areas of the world. Once the meteor hits the earth, it blasts craters into the surface, often 12 to 20 times the size of the initial meteor. What are Gibeon Meteorites? Once you have completed the above process, dry the ring with the soft cotton cloth and allow it to dry in normal air for about 30 minutes. He also advises using a toothbrush and some regular toothpaste to remove any rust or grime. Next, soak your ring in some rubbing alcohol to dry out any moisture. Finally, seal the meteorite with some oil to protect it from rusting in the future.If the Meteorite ring has more materials such as Dinosaur bone or wood that is taped off, do NOT submerge the ring in the alcohol bowl. Instead, use cotton swabs to gently apply the alcohol over the meteorite. Then, scrub the meteorite gently with a toothbrush. How can I incorporate meteorite into a custom ring design? "Customers come in with an existing ring design from another jewelry store, and then we work together to find a way to incorporate meteorite into it to create a completely one-of-a-kind piece," explains Rust of his own experience. "This includes adding bezel-set diamonds within a meteorite inlay and using faceted meteorite stones for engagement rings.” Lowest price guarantee. It's highly unlikely, but if you find it cheaper anywhere in the UK, just call us - we will beat their price by 5%.

The entire Revolution Jewelry collection of meteorite rings is made from genuine, certified Gibeon meteorite and crafted into beautiful patterns, sizes and shapes. Each one makes a statement that you cannot buy anywhere else. Let us help you tell your loved one that there's no one like them on planet earth with one of our stunning meteorite rings. Meteorite wedding rings are handcrafted and not machine-made. Some of the unique meteorite rings are the Gibeon Meteorite Ring in Titanium and the Men's ring with Antler and Meteorite. Being Meteorite ring jewellery experts means that we can make unique men's meteorite rings and perfect meteorite wedding bands for women. Choose from hundreds of Meteorite rings online collection of Meteorite men's jewellery. Shop online or visit our London jewellery showroom to view our Meteorite wedding jewellery

What are Gibeon Meteorites?

For the most part, meteorite wedding bands cannot be resized, however, we do offer size exchanges on all of our rings as outlined in our shop policies.

FREE unlimited ring re-sizing service. Except titanium, tantalum, zirconium, meteorite, dinosaur bone, carbon fibre & elysium rings. - 1st in the industry We feed the needy. Every year, for 5 years, on your wedding anniversary or birthday, we feed the needy (on your behalf) and send you a video. It's a small way of adding a smile on someone's face on your special day - We just love the smiles we get to see :)

What is a meteorite ring?

Digital KARAT weight readers - We show you the Karat weight of the jewellery you are getting from us, using our world class Hitachi precious metal XRF readers - Get what you're paying for! Meteorite material isn’t something to wear unmindfully," cautions Rust. However, rusting can be prevented by protecting your ring with wax or oil, avoiding submerging it in water, and periodically using rubbing alcohol to clean and dry out your ring.

While the exact date that the Gibeon meteorite fell is unknown, we do know that it fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. It was first discovered in 1838 and named after the nearby town of Gibeon, Namibia. How are meteorites formed? Once the above supplies are ready, place the ring in a small bowl and add the running alcohol in the bowl until the ring is fully submerged. Keep the ring soak for 30 to 45 minutes and after 20 minutes of soaking, gently scrub the meteorite with the toothbrush. Being an iron based material, Meteorite can rust. At Temple and Grace, we make our Meteorite jewellery in Gibeon meteorite. This form of meteorite is known to be more stable and is less prone to rusting. However, care must still be taken to ensure that meteorite is either not exposed or has less exposure to water such as pools and beaches. Exposure to pool water makes a meteorite ring more prone to rusting owing to the chlorine present in the water.

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