The 13-Storey Treehouse (The Treehouse Books) (The Treehouse Series, 1)

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The 13-Storey Treehouse (The Treehouse Books) (The Treehouse Series, 1)

The 13-Storey Treehouse (The Treehouse Books) (The Treehouse Series, 1)

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These books can teach your children many lessons in listening, reading, and so much more. They can be used to teach children to evaluate key ideas from the area and come to conclusions. The books are organized into chapters, so you can decide how many chapters to cover per lessons.

Eerst legt Valerie Trouet haarfijn en heel helder uit hoe ze zelf in de dendrochronologie gerold is. Na haar studie bio-ingenieur in Gent was het een kwestie van kansen zien en ze dankbaar grijpen, van opportuniteiten die zich op het juiste moment aandienen en ook heel hard werken. I had the opportunity to zoom on an author’s interview on the publication date, so I managed to get more information about this book before I read it. That helped give it more depth and context as to what Trouet is like in her work and writing. Boeiende materie: jaarringen en wat daar allemaal uit afgeleid kan worden, maar vooral ook: hoe divers dat is en dat jaarringonderzoek in combinatie met andere wetenschappelijke disciplines zo veel verheldering kan scheppen als het gaat om het bestuderen en voorspellen van klimaatvariaties, en hoe die in het verleden duidelijk samenhingen met ingrijpende gebeurtenissen in de menselijke geschiedenis. This book seemed right up my alley & she really got my attention in the second chapter when she declared that all the wood in a tree is dead save for the cambium layer just inside the bark which other sources dispute. Most agree that the heartwood is dead even though a tree in good shape has a solid heart. There is a good deal of debate on the transition from sapwood to heartwood & some think the sapwood isn't really dead, but more in a state of very slow growth, almost dormancy. They say that if it wasn't alive, it would decay & couldn't turn into heartwood, much of which is distinctly different in color from sapwood due to collecting minerals since the sapwood is the area through which the majority of the sap rises in the tree. It makes me wonder if we have a good definition of 'dead'.

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Vervolgens krijg je een duidelijk beeld van het studiedomein van de dendrochronologie; het is meer dan ringen tellen, zeg maar. Ook waarom het eerste dendrochronologische onderzoeksinstituut in de woestijn in Noord-Amerika is opgericht. Dat doet ze bij alles: ze ziet, ondanks het feit dat ze zelf al haar hele carrière zowat jaarringen ademt, toch nog heel helder wat er voor de leek mogelijk verrassend is of domweg niet evident. Ze gaat daar allemaal op in, zonder het te vereenvoudigen, maar ook, en dat maakt het boek echt af wat mij betreft: het is zo goed geschreven. Ze kan verhalen boeiend vertellen, ze schrijft domweg mooi, mooie zinnen, rake formuleringen én met een heerlijk gevoel voor humor, zonder dus ook maar op enig moment de lezende leek te onderschatten. Geen eenvoudige lectuur soms - sommige wetenschappelijke finesses ontgingen me -, maar ongelooflijk boeiend en leerrijk. A lot of my friends and family knew I had a thing about trees before March. But it was when I started talking about my trip to Muir Woods that they realized just how much I love trees. I’m obsessed with trees. I have favorite trees around my neighborhood. I leaned my head against the trunks of several redwoods. I maybe talked to a couple of them. I know lists of tree facts.

Comparisons of climate in various areas to historical events was really interesting. Most history books I've read completely missed just how much influence climate has had on politics. Genghis Khan's expansion took place during a series of wet years when there was plenty of fodder for the horses & many countries failed due to droughts that resulted in their people rebelling. Fascinating stuff that I don't recall reading about in most histories. Perhaps they didn't know. More secrets revealed by trees. I took a few notes (which I'll get to), but I didn't like the book quite as much as he did, in part because I was already well-familiar with dendrochronology. And the ebook I read didn't have some of the illustrations he mentions (plus some wonky formatting). You might do better with a paper copy. Trouet has written a fascinating book - not only about how it all works - but also a peek into the life of a dendrochronologist. Perhaps contrary to popular belief, these scientists not just work in labaratoria, but actually go out into the woods, dating trees. Which, I discovered, does not mean they have to cut the tree down, but drill into a tree, which leaves the tree alive and allows them to get a sample. Trouet has worked in wide-ranging places such as Tanzania, Greece, the United States and Siberia. In lava fields, mountain ranges, and tropical jungles. This is really popularizing science at its best: 1. It teaches us about a highly relevant topic most of us have never heard off (how tree rings can be used as a data source for environmental and social history) 2. It is very accessible and clearly written 3. It teaches a lot about the scientific process: how to develop hypotheses, how to develop ways to test them, how to deal with data gaps, how to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated topics (and, of course, on the importance of obtaining funds) 4. It is a lively story of someone who almost stumbled into the topic she would devote her live to. At times, it really reads as an adventure story that Indiana Jones would have been jealous of.Uit de jaarringen kan heel wat meer afgeleid worden, want de dikte van elke jaarring, de samenstelling van vroeg- en laathoutcellen en de aanwezige koolstof14-isotopen in elke jaarring zegt ook wat over de temperatuur en de neerslag van dat jaar. Zo kan de een gemiddelde temperatuur en neerslag van eeuwen terug gereconstrueerd worden. Our Read with Oxford range of levelled readers help children develop reading confidence at home: Read with Oxford books >

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